Active Travel Challenge 2021

Right now, many people, organisations and businesses are looking at green Covid-19 recovery plans, particularly as we move towards COP26 the largest global climate conference in the UK.

This year the challenge brings a huge opportunity for people to change their travel habits for the better.

Choosing to walk, cycle, take the bus or train or a combination of the above will help them to stay physically active and support their mental wellbeing.

These steps will help accelerate action on climate, improve local air quality and create a much better quality of life for all.

The joint initiative has been championed by Translink, the Department for Infrastructure, Public Health Agency, Sustrans, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, and Belfast City Council.

It is part of a collaborative drive to inspire people to adopt greener travel options that will prioritise their health and wellbeing and support Northern Irelands ‘green’ economic recovery and progress towards a low-carbon future.

Challenge registration is free.

Participants can log their ‘active travel’ journeys online throughout September.

There’s a different theme each week and a range of prizes and incentives up for grabs including shopping vouchers and Translink tickets.


Visit the challenge website for details on how to sign up for the Active Travel Challenge.