Drinking too much can harm your health. Excessive drinking – including binge and heavy drinking – can be particularly harmful.

In Northern Ireland, it is, currently, recommended that men should:

The number of units of alcohol in a drink depends on the amount (volume) and strength (ABV). One unit of alcohol is equivalent to 10ml of pure alcohol. As a rough guide:

A pint of ordinary beer
(4% ABV) = 2 units

A pint of strong beer
(5% ABV) = 3 units

A medium glass (175ml) wine
(12% ABV) = 2 units

A 275ml bottle of alcopop
(1.5 units)

A measure of spirits
(35ml)=1.4 units

Seek Advice ↓

If you are worried about your drinking, the best place to start is to visit your GP. They will be able to advise you further, can check out your physical health, and will be able to put you in touch with local sources of help. Other useful sources of advice and information include:

Addiction NI:    Visit website  |  Tel: 02890 664434 
Alcohol and You:    Visit website