28 in 28

28 in 28

Have you made that New Years’ Resolution to make a lifestyle change in 2021?

Throughout February we are looking to Promote 28 in 28.

Pledge to get into a healthier habit for everyday in February.

This could be working up to a 28 day goal.


You don’t need to commit to 28 of anything on day 1

Working up to 28 mins of walking / running / cycling / yoga over 28 days

Working up to 28 sits ups / 28 press ups / 28 of anything over 28 days


Or it could be completing:

28 mins of any type exercise for 28 days

28 sits ups / 28 press ups / 28 of anything for 28 days

Getting out of bed 28 mins earlier for 28 days days

Drinking 2 litres of water for 28 days

Eating 3 pieces of fruit for 28 days

Have breakfast for 28 days

Taking a lunchtime walk for 28 days

Take a look at the 5 Steps to Wellbeing website for some inspiration https://www.mindingyourhead.info/take-5-steps-wellbeing



Shopping vouchers and prizes from local businesses will be awarded each week. You can enter by emailing your pledge to Patricia.Magee@sustrans.org.uk or you can message her on 07887763470 using WhatsApp or Signal.


Week 1; Monday 1st February to Sunday 7th Feb

Send Trish a photo of you and whatever your pledge is to be in with a chance of winning a prize. Be creative and try to enjoy it.

Please adhere to the government Covid-19 restrictions.

28 in 28 Challenge